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JTA Jeong Jaehyun Taekwondo Academy

JTA is a premier training academy that seeks to provide authentic South Korean instruction in the art of Taekwondo on a par with how it is taught in South Korea.

What my students say about me?

"Master Jeong is the best!"

Master Jeong is very motivational. Each class is full of enthusiasm which has made me enjoy Taekwondo more.
- Mai Garcia

"Master Jeong is an energetic skillful master."

He has natural glow in any room he walks into. He keeps everyone, from 3 to 80, engaged and meets them at their level while encouraging constant growth. The facility is clean, modern, and has a great space for education of the body and mind for all things Korea ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท Highly recommended
- Jay Leask

"Master Jeong is an experienced, skilled, and enthusiastic TKD master."

He is wonderful with students of all ages and abilities. My children studied with him for over two years, and they always left class feeling happier and more confident than when they went in.
- Allison Coleman Kirsch

About Master Jeong

Master Jeong establishes trust and accountability between Master, students and parents, using an accomplishment-based process that emphasizes skills learned, not rank or belt color. He uses elements of the art of Taekwondo, with discipline, humility, respect and honor to teach students to navigate life confidently and successfully. ย 

JTA Programs

JTA believes in giving back to our communities by teaching students to work together as we support: local schools, first responders, health care workers, multiple charities and community organizations. To learn more about Master Jeong and his passion for Taekwondo, come visit us and letโ€™s get to know one another!

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